1. Shoot a nice, hi quality photo of LSK product in action.

  2. Upload it on Instagram with hashtag #lskelectronics.

  3. Fill the form bellow.

  4. Get the money.

        ... And help our Instagram feedback grow.

If you have private Instagram profile, you can still get your reward:

  1. Send us an email.

  2. Include your voucher key.

  3. Include your invoice number.

  4. Include the photo to attachment.

  5. Wait for our reply.

Event conditions:


Photo requirements

  • We accepts only photos on public instagram accounts accessible without confirmation of the owner. If you have private account, you still can send the photo(s) with all information to us by email.

  • We did not pay the money for photos with poor quality. The quality assessment is clearly on us.

Voucher and payment

  • One voucher key can be used only once.

  • You must provide us valid invoice number.

  • If your photo fulfill our requirements, we pay the money within 14 days of completing the web form.

  • We do not pay the bank or paypal charge for the money transfer.

  • The returned amount is calculated from the product only. Shipping costs are not a part of this event. If there is no postage on the invoice, we will calculate shipping costs, that is written for every product in our E-shop at www.lskelectronics.com/products.

  • 1 voucher applies to only 1 product. If the invoice contains multiple products, we will pay only for 1 product captured on the photo. If the photo shows more products (all contained on the same invoice), we will calculate the cash back for the most expensive one. 

  • Each voucher is tied to an invoice. It is not possible to use a voucher other than the one that was attached to the invoice. 

Other conditions

  • The cash-back is only available for the products from our catalogue at www.lskelectronics.com/products.

  • Promotion only applies to non-discounted products.

  • We reserve the right not to pay the remuneration for any reason or without reason. If this happens, we will not use the submitted photo.

  • We can terminate the action at any time with or without notice.

  • All information (except sent or shared photos on instagram within this event) that you provided will only be used for the payment of money and for accounting purposes.

  • We have all rights to use all provided photos (including photos uploaded on Instagram within this event) for our personal or marketing purposes: For example we can public it on websites, Instagram, Facebook and other social networks etc.. at any time in the future.


  • We reserve the right to change any conditions without notice.