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FuelGaugePro - Analog Panel Gauge - Cover

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Production of more pieces usually takes: 5 weeks

Cover for analog gauge FuelGaugePro - Analog Panel Gauge.

  • Cover is suitable for covering the rear part of the fuel gauge in the case of mounting next to other devices, on the handlebars and so on.
  • Because of very variable mounting possibilities on every bike it does not include the concrete holders.
  • Cover is made from polished aluminium.
    • There are no additional surface finish. For keeping perfect gloss it may be need to polish it time to time by hand using the polishing grease and soft fabric. It is also good to keep the surface dry and clean. Another option is to apply thin layer of gloss transparent spray paint. It will become a little less shiny, but there will be no longer need to polish the surface.
  • Holder plate is made from 2mm thick, polished stainless steel.
  • Gauge itself and the wires are not included with this cover. You will get them with the Fuel Gauge kit.

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