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LSK Electronics Motorcycle night LED lights

Off-Road Dongles

  • Hardware device simplifying deactivation of the ABS and other electronic  assistants and features on Honda Africa Twin 1100 or  Yamaha Tenere 700

LED headlight modules

LED headlight modules

  • Powerful 70mm LED Headlight modules designed in cooperation with RADE/GARAGE to meet needs of Enduro and Rally riders.

  • ECE road-use approved

Hydrostatic pressure fuel gauges

  • Unique fuel gauges based on hydrostatic pressure.

  • Works without any sensors in the tank.

Hydrostatic pressure fuel gauges

Made in Czech Republic

All our products are precisely made in Czech Republic, the center of Europe.

Unique products

We do not like average products with average properties. We love technologies and special properties. Our product offers something more than a standard.

Worldwide shipping

We do ship almost worldwide. Shipping costs can be found in the shopping cart after filling your country.

LSK Motorcycle Electronics Bike Testing

About us

We are a small firm manufacturing the best and smartest motogadgets. We often say Yes to projects which might look crazy but No is simply not an answer for us. We are enthusiastic and determined, and that is why you can enjoy our unique float-free fuel gauges and LED lights.

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