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LSK motorcycle electronics garage

About us

We are a small firm manufacturing the best and smartest motogadgets. We often say Yes to projects which might look crazy but No is simply not an answer for us. We are enthusiastic and determined, and that is why you can enjoy our unique float-free fuel gauges and LED lights.

How a bright idea turned into a successful company that manufactures unique motogadgets?

Everything started with our founder, Kuba, who had grown his love for motorcycles at an early age. During his university studies, he found out he could invent and make a number of smart motogadgets by himself. What encouraged him even more was that people from his surroundings were interested in them. Kuba gradually transformed his small student room into a firm with manufacturing premises and satisfied customers all over the world.

Our philosophy

is simple – nothing is impossible and no problem is unsolvable. Why to have a separate fog light, low beam and high beam if we can come up with an all-in-one solution? We know all of our products to the smallest detail. Every single light and fuel gauge is produced and packaged with due care and dispatched to your homes. We listen to our customers and their wishes and comply with their requests, and thanks to that, our products are getting better and better with each new line we make.

Our customers

installing our fuel gauges not only in their motorcycles but also in airplanes and historic vehicles help prove how good we are. What they appreciate most is that we are not corporate but a few people in a small firm with the same passion for motorbike like their own.

Our team


Jakub - Founder and CEO

Founder of the company, design engineer, director, and much more – that is Jakub. He’s one of the most passionate people about motorcycles and everything related to them. He’s a visionary who sees that everything can be improved, done better. He’s incredibly hardworking and likes to keep track of everything. So while answering the customers’ questions on social networks, he might be developing a new type of high beams and planning a road trip with his friends.

Veronika - Head of production

We wouldn’t produce anything without Veronika. No exaggeration. She’s responsible for the process of production and packaging. The best way to relax for her is to dance. She’s been dancing for more than ten years. And how did this ever-smiling dance lover get to work for LSK? She came to help us one day due to a machine failure, and she immediately fell in love with the atmosphere of creating and producing motogadgets. She’s been with us since then. We still remember her watching the Dakar Rally, keeping her fingers crossed for the lights made by us to make it through the race unscathed. She never says No to a ride on the pillion.

Veronika Head of production LSK
Terezie PR LSK

Terezie - PR

This busy mum on parental leave helps us with PR and marketing. Born into a family of doctors, she used to listen to her relatives during Sunday lunches talking about operations they had performed on motorcyclists. That was the only “contact” she had with bikers. She understood that she would have to rethink her perspective when she met Jakub who impressed her with his story, and she decided to join the team. She spends most of her free time watching her son having his first motorcycle experience on his balance bicycle in the traffic park, or reading children’s books about motorcycles.

Jana - Production

From time to time, we get someone who although not being a keen motorcyclist perfectly fits in with our team – for example Jana. Jana loves gardening; her garden is a showcase of beautiful flowers and delicious vegetables. She is also a passionate traveller who loves discovering beauties of our little country which has a lot to offer. In our company, she appreciates the calm and friendly atmosphere and pleasant working environment which make her happy to work with us.

Jana Production LSK
Tereza production LSK

Tereza - Production

Tereza is one of the few colleagues who got the love for motorcycles before working with us. Although she devotes most of her free time to her family, especially to her daughter, she always finds a moment for adventure. Her hobbies are very diverse: from quiet family walks with dogs and mushroom picking to motorcycling and yachting. She also likes making herbal ointments or resin jewellery. Tereza loves challenges and trying new things. That’s why she enjoys working in our company so much and can’t wait to see what life will bring her next.

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