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Manufactory LSK motorcycle electronics

Our manufactory

In 2017, we started assembling products in a shared apartment room. Thanks to our hard work and new, skilful colleagues, we grew into a company with equipment and know-how that allows us to cover the majority of our production under one roof. The process of production is also incomparably better, faster and more flexible.

Development workplace

This is where everything starts, where the most emotions take place and where we spend a lot of time working. Here, we disassemble and reassemble motorcycles, think about their improvements, hack their electronic systems and install prototypes of our products.

If a prototype works, this workplace turns into a happy place. But you can also hear “damn” when we unintentionally destroy an expensive and poorly accessible electronic control unit.

3D printing workplace

3D printers are the favourites of our better halves, because we mostly use them to print soap holders and other useful home products that they need. The remainder of time, our 3D printers print fuel gauge boxes, test samples of components being developed and sometimes some accessories necessary in the manufacture premises.

CNC machining

We use a small CNC machine to produce prototypes of simple aluminium components and simple injection moulding machine moulds. It’s not perfect, but it does its job really well.

Injection molding workplace

We use our injection moulding machine to overmould PCBs, which make our light control modules compact, watertight and resistant. We also mould cable bushings and other rubber parts of cables.

Microelectronics assembly and soldering workplace

The workplace we are proud of the most. This is where we create all electronic parts of our products which may not leave this antistatic workplace without any covering. We affix components on printed circuit boards at the speed of up to 15,000 components per hour, we solder cables onto printed circuit boards and test all electronics before further use.

Laser engraving

We created this laser engraving machine by completely refurbishing a Chinese CO2 laser. Thanks to the reconstruction of its entire inner structure, we obtained a fast and effective engraving machine. If you see the LSK logo on some aluminium parts of our products, be sure it was done with this engraving laser machine. If you can’t see any logo, Veronika might have done a bad job supervising one of our summer workers. 

Harness and connector assembly 

All cables and cable harnesses are created in this workplace. We cut the cables, crimp the pins and, if necessary, we tin them. Finally, we install the pins in the connectors and test the cables. We use two machines for cutting cables and removing the insulation from them, two semi-automatic crimping machines and a semi-automatic tester. This is the busiest workplace in our manufacture premises as we produce loads of cables every month.

Mechanical assembly workplace

The final step of the production process. We mechanically put together all the products. Last screwing, clicking into place, assembling, testing, last check. We also prepare user manuals, wrap accessories in bags and products in paper boxes.

As our work is sometimes delicate and may be somewhat stereotypical, if done in large series, we have a little distraction – a pole where the girls (and also the boys) can try some pole dancing and make the whole time spent at work more enjoyable 

​You don’t believe us, do you? In addition to pole dance, we also

go working outside…

or just have a ride.

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