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Unleash the full Off-Road potential of your CRF1100 Africa Twin with the Off-Road Dongle. This compact device simplifies the deactivation of ABS, Traction Control and Anti-wheelie systems, giving you ultimate control over your machine on challenging off-road adventures. Just with single click.


  • Are you also upset that your Africa Twin doesn't remember the settings of the assistance systems?

  • Are you annoyed by their lengthy shutdowns over and over again?

If your answer is YES, then this Off-Road Dongle is exactly what you are looking for!

With this device, you can turn OFF Rear ABS, Traction Control and Anti-Wheelie with just one click. In addition, you can activate the memory, so the motorcycle will remember the disabled assistance systems even after restarting.


If you love Off-Road riding on CRF1100 Africa Twin, than you probably know that the lengthy ABS, Traction and Wheelie Control shutdowns again and again can be very frustrating.
I'm sure you know what I'm talking about.

So we have decided to do something with that. We disassembled the bike and created a hardware "hack" for the Africa electronics - the Dongle capable of taking control and enforcing its own settings to ECU. Moreover it also takes control over the left handlebar keyboard, making all control super simple:

  • Simply press and briefly hold the "star" button on the handlebar for an immediate shutdown of Traction Control, ABS and Wheelie Control.

  • A short press does the same as what you have originally mapped on the button so nothing else is affected by the control of the Dongle.

  • This can be done immediately after switching ON the ignition key, without long waiting for onboard screen to boot up. Just sit and ride.

It wouldn't be perfect enough if it didn't have a memory either. And yes, it has it. So when you ride a full-day TET, you can always have all the driving assistants switched OFF and you can just forget about the tedious tuning of the electronics. If you're concerned about forgetting to turn the assistants back ON and getting into trouble, you can simply turn OFF the memory. Then, after every new starting the motorcycle, everything will return to its original state.

And lest I forget - Do you remember the annoying safety message after every start which you must click-out (on EU models)? Just a small bonus: the Dongle will dismiss it for you.

With this Dongle we are really, really happy to ride Africa Twin Off-Road. This amazing bike is perfect now!




  • It completely eliminates the time-consuming process of setting up electronics when driving Off-Road or anywhere else.

  • It allows you to return to the riding basics even with a modern bike. Just sit (or stand :) ) and enjoy the ride!


  • Automatic dismissing of the safety message after startup (click the "ENT" button for you).

  • Deactivation of the Rear ABS, TC (Traction Control), and WC (Wheelie Control) with a single click.

    • Works in all riding modes.

    • Front ABS is still ON. It cannot be turned OFF at all.

    • Memory - The Dongle can retain its last state after every start.


There is one blemish on beauty - The ECU turns OFF the Rear ABS only after it detects zero speed. You have to stop for a moment for the Rear ABS to really turn OFF, or turn ON the Dongle before starting the bike. It is not possible to do anything with it. It is hard-coded in the Africa's ECU.


  • Dongle doesn't affect the functionality of HEX ezCAN module. Both devices can be used together.

  • Tested with latest dashboard software version 3.10. In case of problems with dismissing the message after start, with Android Auto controls etc.. please upgrade your bike to latest firmware following the Honda website or ask your authorized service for help with the upgrade.

  • Working on​ all types of Honda Africa Twin CRF1100/1100L.



  • Dongle does nothing more than what can be set by hand on the original instrument panel. It just combines all the procedure to one click.

  • Please be careful during all riding and especially when you turn OFF the electronics assistants. Turn them OFF only when you know what you are doing!

  • Turning Rear ABS OFF causes switching the Front ABS to the off road mode (less sensitive). Please, keep that on mind when you decide to activate the Dongle!

  • FAQs:​​

    • Can the Dongle destroy anything on the bike in case of failure?

      • In case of Dongle failure the bike will enter safe mode but nothing will be damaged. After disconnecting the malfunctioning Dongle everything will return to normal. The error symbol on dashboard will disappear after few short rides.

      • Both CAN bus itself and devices connected to this bus are immune to failures of other connected devices so the Dongle failure will not damage them.

      • Power is drawn from the 12V socket (from its connector hidden under the side plastic panel) - so the Dongle failure is the same as the failure of your phone charger, only blow the fuse.

      • However, this device interferes with other onboard electronic systems even if it is in disabled state. In case of its failure some safety systems may be unavailable. By installing this device, you assume all responsibility for possible damage to health and property caused by the incorrect function of this device and the subsequent malfunction of other electronic systems of the motorcycle.

    • Can the Dongle affect the warranty of the bike?

      • The Dongle communicates trough the CAN bus data connection between the dashboard and ECU and it is designed to automotive standards. The ECU is unaware of whether the message containing the required settings is transmitted by the Dongle instead of the dashboard. The messages are absolutely identical to those sent by display panel. Therefore, if you disconnect the Dongle prior to making motorcycle warranty claim, there will be no indication that this device was ever connected.

      • However, installation of the Dongle is your responsibility. Do not take this as a guide on how to circumvent the motorcycle's warranty conditions. It's just a description of how the Dongle interacts with the bike. It is still a piece of equipment that is not approved by Honda as an original accessory and you are responsible for any problems caused by its installation and use.

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