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LED under glow light - kit



Tuning accessories suitable for night rides, shows and police provocation :) Few of these half-watt LED’s will emit more light than many LED stripes and it is easier to hide it on the bike. This set is proven for many years and the package contains everything you need for a quick and easy mounting without impairing the motorcycle electric installation.

6 LED's kit
24€ with shipping
12 LED's kit
30€ with shipping
  • 6pcs high power 0,5W LED
  • 12pcs high power 0,5W LED
  • Easy electric connection - just mount ring terminals directly to motorcycle battery
  • Waterproof
  • Equipped with own resettable fuse
  • Switch included

Detailed info in

user's manual

Available colors
  • RED


  • BLUE

What you get in the package
  • Pack of LED's

  • LED driver

  • Switch (type that you select)

  • Set of tightening belts

  • Set of 3M adhesive pads for attaching the LEDs to the frame, or bodywork

  • User manual (english)

How can it be switched

(You can choose between one of this switches)

  • Mini switch

  • Simple to hide

  • 17 x 26 x 14 mm

  • 3M adhesive tape included

  • Handlebar switch

(No longer available. Please, choose  Mini Switch.)

Wiring diagram and lenghts
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