Device that offers 12V car plug on old 6V cars and motorcycles. With this device you can simply recharge your phone, GPS navigation or connect any kind of electronics designed for car plug in your car or motorcycle with 6V battery. The converter is capable to drive up to 20 watts.

  • Suitable for powering all electronics designed to car lighter except heaters and other high current demanding electronics.

  • For example, this device can handle more than three standard 5V/1A USB converters together.

  • Designed and made in Europe (Czech Republic)


Detailed info in

user's manual

  • Input 6V/5A

  • Output 12V/1,7A

  • Efficiency 70~85%

  • Overload protection (5A fuse)

Technical info
What you get in the packcage
  • User's manual

  • Voltage converter as on picture above

Price and delivery

LSK5301 6V to 12V Car Plug Voltage Converter

  • We ships worldwide with tracking number. Shipping uaually takes about 1 - 2 weeks

  • We provides 2 years warranty for all our products

  • If you want to order more our products, write us an e-mail. You will pay only one shipping :)

How to order
  1. You can order your converter by click at the "Buy Now" button. (Secure PayPal transaction)

  2. Or you can simply E-mail us at info@lskelectronics.com. We like to help you with order as well like with the technical support.