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FuelGaugePro - Universal Sending Unit

Measure fuel level without need of the float in fuel tank.
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Brand: LSK Motorcycle Electronics
Production of more pieces usually takes: 2 weeks

Universally usable fuel gauge that allows to measure the fuel level without need of the float in fuel tank! Device measures hydrostatic pressure of the fuel, computes the fuel level and sends the corresponding signal to your OEM or aftermarket gauge. This device generates the same resistance changes as the floats for which conventional fuel meters are intended.

  • FuelGaugePro - Universal Sending Unit can generate resistance 0 to 510 (or 510 to 0) Ohms and 33 to 240 (or 240 to 33) Ohms.
  • Range of connected gauge must be exactly 0 to 510 or 33 to 240 (or vice versa) Ohms.


  • Measures fuel level on the bikes without OEM fuel gauge.
  • Operates with most aftermarket dashboards and fuel gauges designed for operation with float.
  • You don't need any modification of fuel tank.


The fuel gauge sensor is connected to the fuel hose under the fuel tank. The fuel causes hydrostatic pressure measured by the sensor. The data from this pressure sensor are evaluated by a microcomputer, which compares it to the data in its memory (the memory is set up during calibration) and then simulates actual position of the float. After that, the connected gauge displays actual fuel level.


  • Motorcycles, cars, diesel-powered vehicles, small hobby aircrafts, hang-gliders etc...
  • Most of gasoline and diesel fuel systems without fuel pump
  • Most of gasoline and diesel fuel systems with fuel pump outside fuel tank (except closed fuel systems)
  • More information about compatibility can be found at FuelGaugePro compatibility page
  • Most of fuel gauge indicators and dashboards


  • Mount FuelGaugePro sensor using holder (sold separately) or using zip ties
  • Cut the fuel hose and connect sending unit via T-shape hose connector
  • Connect power cables and thhe display unit
  • Calibrate minimal and maximal fuel level in the tank
  • Enjoy your new fuel gauge


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