Fuel Gauge Pro gauges are compatible with the bikes on following list:

Alternatively the FuelGaugePro systems are compatible with vehicles that meets following requirements:


  • FuelGaugePro works only on 12V onboard voltage systems with battery


  • Gasoline

  • Diesel


  • Fuel Pump

FuelGaugePro1 with fuel pump
  • External Fuel Pump

FuelGaugePro1 with external fuel pump
  • Fuel Tank Air Intake

FuelGaugePro1 operation with fuel tank intake vent

We cannot guarantee the correct function on all motorcycles with a fuel pump. The external fuel pump may cause problems with measuring on some motorcycles. If this problem occurs, you can return FuelGaugePro to us and we will return your money back to you. Device must be in intact condition.

It is not possible to install the gauge on the bikes equipped with evaporative loss control system. This system makes the vacuum in the tank that affects the hydrostatic pressure in the fuel tubes measured by the Fuel Gauge Pro Sensor.