LSK GX one


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Universal, small, with extreme bright display - That is Gear Indicator GX1. Device that allows to show actually engaged gear, on any bike! 


Gear indicator gives the information about the gear in the gearbox that is currently used. That is detected by measuring the current gear ratio. The ratio is computed from the turning speed of the rear wheel and engine revs. There are 3 wires to connect – 2 power supply cables and 1 for sensing engine revs. This system can be used on any type of bike with 3 to 6 speed gearbox. Display brightness is adjusted in accordance to the light outside by a built-in sensor.


  • Universal - All kinds of motorcycles

  • Regardless of the number of engine cylinders

  • Bikes with mechanical/electronic speedometer

Mounted Motorcycle Gear Indicator LSK GX1

Fits on new/older bikes



  • Miniature display panel. Mount on included 3M adhesive tape.

  • Display panel dimensions: 31 x 21 x 17 mm (1.2 x 0.8 x 0.7 in) - one of the smallest in the market.

  • Automatic brightness regulation ensures great readability in every situation:

    • Very bright in sunny days.

    • Low, not disturbing brightness during the night rides. 

  • Simple mount and set-up.

  • Built-in fuse

  • 12V

User's manual



  • LED display Panel of chosen color with connected wheel turning sensor

  • Neodymium magnet for wheel turning sensor

  • Magnet for calibration of GX1

  • Set of cable ties

  • Cut-in cable connectors for supply connection

  • ScotchLok Connectors

  • Cable shoe for connecting GND

  • 3M tape

  • Installation manual (English)

MotorcyceGear Indicator LSK GX1
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LSK GX1 - Motorcycle Gear Indicator

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