FuelGaugePro - Low Fuel Level Warning Light Kit


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Universally usable Fuel gauge that allows to measure the fuel level without need of the float in fuel tank! Device is designed to measure hydrostatic pressure in fuel hosing. Device is great when you want to know about running out of fuel and do not want to look at the additional gauges in the cockpit.


The fuel gauge Sensor is connected to the fuel hose under the fuel tank. The fuel causes hydrostatic pressure measured by the Sensor. The data from this pressure sensor are evaluated by a microcomputer, which compares them with the treshold stored in the memory (the treshold in memory is set up during calibration) and then switches on or off the included warning light. You don't need any float or other modification to the fuel tank. The microcomputer makes many other minor operations to ensure that even in hard terrain with fast level changes, the measured amount is stable without crazy flashing of the warning light.

KitFuelGaugePro - Low Fuel Level Warning Light


  • Motorcycles, cars, diesel-powered vehicles, small hobby aircrafts, hang-gliders, boats etc...

  • Most of gasoline and diesel fuel systems without fuel pump

  • Most of gasoline and diesel fuel systems with external fuel pump (except closed fuel systems)

  • FuelGaugePro compatibility page here


  • 12V LED warning light with screw holder (hole diameter 8 mm (0.315 in)

  • Great stability in every situation includes hard off-road use.

  • Built-in fuse

  • Fully sealed construction


  • FuelGaugePro - Sensor

  • FuelGaugePro - Low Fuel Level Warning Light

  • Magnet for setting

  • T shape fuel hose connectors ø 6, 8, 10mm

  • Harness and installation material

  • User manual (English)

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LSK FuelGaugePro1 Float Free Fuel Gauge

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Universal Sending Unit
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